Call for Papers


ASSERT ( is currently welcoming submissions from teachers and scholars. 


Themed Issue: Confronting Truth in Contentious Times: Voices of Black Social Studies Educators in the Field

Guest Editors: Rashida West, Carla-Ann Brown, and Elizabeth Yeager

To facilitate dialogue about the impact of legislative changes, political discourse, and local unrest around Black history education, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and Critical Race Theory (CRT), we invite Black school leaders, K-12 teachers and scholars to submit a manuscript for this special issue (see attached for more information)

Please keep in mind that your works should be practically oriented for teachers and be no more than 1500 words, excluding references (APA 7). Papers are published with a consistent format in three sections: Description of the Research (400 words), Findings (500 words), and Implications for Teachers (600 words). Please review our published issues before submitting your manuscript to get a sense of our approach. 

We use a single-blind review system; a scholar and a practicing or retired teacher review each piece, and reviewers reply with questions to be answered in our unique Q & A section.

Please submit your manuscripts by November 1st to be considered.

We look forward to receiving your manuscripts. 

Cory Wright-Maley