Students struggle towards curriculum change in Economics Education


  • Sandra Delgado Researcher and Consultant



Economics Education, Higher Education, Student Movements


The economy is the central narrative in which our current society constantly justifies any important decision, from education, job security to public health, even in the midst to the COVID-19 pandemic. Crises and economic instabilities seem to have become an unending circumstance of capitalists’ societies, and it seems that there is not a way out within the possibilities of mainstream economics. In this paper, I narrate how the 2008 economics crisis was a political opportunity for economics students around the world to organized themselves to challenge economics education and how students propose economics departments to teach economics if we want to change our economy.



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Delgado, S. (2022). Students struggle towards curriculum change in Economics Education. Annals of Social Studies Education Research for Teachers, 3(1), 22–30.