Competence Learning Brought to Life

How Finnish Teachers Actualize a New Curriculum


  • Kathryn Picardo



competence learning, curriculum change, Finland, inquiry learning, project-based learning, comparative education, assessment


As a Fulbright Fellow in Finland, I researched Finnish pedagogical strategies and systemic norms that implement competence based learning. In working with classroom teachers, school administrators, and university experts, I learned how Finnish teachers are responding to new curriculum directives, as well as structural barriers that make teaching towards competences difficult. This paper is an abridged recollection of my findings, with specific emphasis on tangible strategies, norms and ideas that American teachers can implement in their classrooms immediately. 



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Picardo, K. (2024). Competence Learning Brought to Life: How Finnish Teachers Actualize a New Curriculum. Annals of Social Studies Education Research for Teachers, 5(1), 33–40.